Workshop with Paula Fenn – Working with Trauma and «Ghosts»

Norsk forbund for regresjonsterapi (NFRT) invites you to a two day series of workshops – 25. April to 26. April 2020 – to teach us about the important topics of consciousness, trauma, spirit release and crystal healing with renowned lecturer Paula Fenn. We are proud to have her come to Norway in April to teach us about Trauma:

Day 1, Morning Session: “Exploring Consciousness: What is it and What is its Relevance for Regression Therapy?”

In this Presentation/Workshop we will be looking at various understandings of what consciousness actually is. Shifting from scientific understandings towards the transpersonal – beyond materialistic science and towards the richness of a more integrated model which embraces Soul. We will engage in experiential exercises which evidence how we direct conscious intention towards ‘things’ (whether this be objects, relationships or memories) and how what we receive back may be coloured by our lenses of perception. Further exercises will include accessing body memory. The key aims of this session are to gain a richer understanding about consciousness, explore consciousness theoretically and experientially and make links between the weird world of consciousness and Regression Therapy.

Day 1: Afternoon Session: “Working with Crystals in Regression Therapy”

In this Presentation/Workshop we will be exploring the wide world of crystals and their usage in opening, clearing and healing the energy body. We will discuss how and why crystals ‘work’ and how they can be powerful allies in personal development, self care and Regression Therapy. There will be an opportunity to work hands on and experientially with a wide range of crystals individually and in pairs in order to directly experience their positive effects, healing and transformative benefits.

Day 2: All Day Session: “Ghosts in the Therapy Room: Traumatic Experiences of the Living and the Dead”.

In this Presentation/Workshop we will be focusing on current life and past life trauma and how it imprints itself upon the entire experiential life of the Self and/or client. How do we understand trauma and its effects? How do we work with trauma to transform its imprints? These are the ghosts of the past in the therapy room. But what about the ‘ghosting’ that occurs with spirit attachments and their traumatic effects on the hosts? Consciousness merging, infiltrating and causing issues throughout all levels of experiencing. We will not only explore the traumatic effects on the hosts but also the traumas and unfinished business which kept the souls of the deceased Earthbound. Both host and spirit seeking to be healed. Themes shared in the presentation will also be explored experientially.

About Paula Fenn:
Paula Fenn, M.Couns, B.A (Hons), Grad.Dip Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Dip.Regression Therapy, Dip.Past Life Regression, Cert.Hyp, Dip.Healing, Grad.Dip Crystal Therapy, ACMA, CGMA – is an Accredited Psychotherapist (BACP Accred) in private practice in the UK and a graduate of the University of Notre Dame where she completed a Masters in Counselling. She obtained her Diploma in Regression Therapy from the PLRA and is a member of the SRTA and a Certified Member of EARTh. Paula is also the Chair of the EARTh Research Committee. She published a book based upon her phenomenological research in the realms of symbolism within the therapeutic relationship entitled The Therapeutic Encounter with Spiritual Symbols (2012) and has published a number of articles on trauma, grief, sexual intimacy and envy. Paula is an experienced Conference Presenter and Lecturer, and also offers bespoke trainings on the topics of consciousness, trauma, spirit release and a wide range of other psychological and therapeutic themes. She is a member of the Spirit Release Forum, The Society for Psychical Research and the Association for Transpersonal Psychology. Paula is also an experienced clinician and dominantly works with adult individuals presenting with complex traumas and personality disorders and integrates a synthesis of analytical, transpersonal, regression and energy-based treatment protocols. Paula’s email is:

The workshop will be held in English.

When: 25. April 9.30 am to 5. pm – 26. April 9. 00 am to 4.30 pm

Where: Hoff terrasse 6, 0275 Oslo, Norway, Norsk Spiritualistisk Healerforbund

Workshop fee for non members: NOK 1.900,- for both days.
Coffe and Tea included.

Workshop fee for members: NOK 700,- for both days
If you are an approved regression therapist and not yet a member we invite you to enroll as a member of NFRT, it costs NOK 800 for one year.

If you are educated Regression Therapists and want to become members of the association (NFRT) you pay 800 NOK for the membership and 700 NOK for the Convention – money to save!

Registration deadline is 6th March – Paying the fee

Due to limited space we recommend you to pay in advance to account no 6034 05 50008 to secure your space.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask Kamela e-mail:, phone: 92043626